The Path To Your First Multifamily Syndication January 25 & 26

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Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms

The Phoenix Syndication Workshop Experience

We’ll walk you through where to find deals. We’re talking where the big players find them, so no, it won’t be on Loopnet. 

This is where we’ll spend most of our time. If you don’t get this part right, nothing else matters. 

We’ll talk about different financing options, and which ones to use for various types of deals.

Our very own Securities Attorney will walk you through how to structure your deals, and not get in trouble with the SEC.

How can you legally raise money? What are best practices? What does an Offering Memorandum need in it? We’ll go through it all.

Closing on the deal is just the beginning. You now have to manage the asset, renovate it, and improve the value. We’ll show you how!



We initially connected with Ben on BiggerPockets after hearing his podcasts and reading his articles. Ben’s approach to investing resonated with us as he focuses on the marathon instead of the sprint of real estate investing.

Earlier this year, we got under contract for a 40-unit apartment out-of-state. It was a huge first deal for us and we wanted a sanity check on our underwriting and overall strategy. We arranged a consult with Ben, ithin four 90 minute sessions, our underwriting evolved and we had much more clarity on the deal.

We continued to develop our relationship with Ben, keeping him updated  on our progress. When the opportunity came for us to invest with Ben on an apartment complex, we felt confident in doing business with him and volunteered to help in any way possible. We were fortunate enough to join Ben as partners! Together as a team, we raised the capital to acquire a 98-unit property in Phoenix. We went from the G-League to the NBA!

Working with Ben and his partner, Sam, was engaging and straightforward.  We already knew Ben’s underwriting model and could immediately understand the numbers and story behind the deal.

We almost skimped out on the consulting session to save money while under contract for the 40-unit. Had we done that, we would have been on a different path. The relationship we fostered and the knowledge we gained has paid for itself many times over.

Jeff & Tommy

First Chair Capital

I have known Ben for years now. I remember hearing his story for the first time on the BiggerPockets podcast. I finally got to meet and have dinner with Ben at his Multifamily Bootcamp in 2018.

I have attended several multifamily events over the past year, read hundreds of real estate books, and interviewed a handful of Authors on the topic. I feel that Ben is on the top of that list in terms of education, transparency, honesty, and taking a “deep-dive” when it comes to multifamily investing.

I truly believe his presentations offer the most value for price of admission. I feel most “coaches” offer 90% of the investing information, only to get you to the event so they can up sell you on the last 10% of the investing picture. I was able to learn that last 10% with Ben during his 4 sessions as he taught me to button up my underwriting model. He also taught me to understand the current financial condition of the asset, how likely it is to behave in the future, and underwriting all parts of the deal. He is a very intelligent and highly analytical investor. Ben is the person you want on your team underwriting the deal with you.

Scott Holister

The Book Club Interview

Your underwriting consulting program has turned my real estate investment approach completely… I am now closing on $1M commercial real estate at a 40% discount!

Once again, thanks for all the knowledge and value you brought to this my business.

Abdiel L.

For the longest time I was looking for a seminar on underwriting and kept getting disappointed. Then I attended Ben’s Multifamily Underwriting Workshop  and was blown away!

Ben really shows up to teach. He walked us through and explained the underwriting process in a way that makes sense. Ben lets the market tell the story and uses logic to translate the story into the numbers on a proforma.  

And he wasn’t boring either, Ben uses his sense of humor to keep you engaged.

Ben delivers, its as simple as that.

Thomas C.

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General Admission: $2,000

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  • Networking Happy Hour

  • Bus Property Visit

  • Lunch Included Both Days

Bring a partner and save: $4,000   $3,500

VIP: $3,000

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  • VIP Dinner on Friday, January 24th 

  • VIP BBQ on Sunday, January 26th 

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